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Kindness Post # 11: kind words

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Failures succeed, losers quit

Having a teenager is interesting. I’m thrown back into time where I recall the days of major public image concern. Earlier tonight I had a talk with Austin and reminded him he needs to come to a comfort & realization … Continue reading

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Words From Bob – Finding Happiness & Success Wherever You Are

Digging through an old planner today I found a note tucked away that contains some points I wrote down a long time ago. I’m a huge fan of inspirational/motivational teachings and speakers and this note was from a time where … Continue reading

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It Is For Freedom, That I Am Set Free!

Check out this song, it’s amazing & is what inspired my thoughts for this post as we sang it at church this morning: “You broke my chains, of sin & shame & You covered me with grace…you mend my … Continue reading

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Rough day?

    Has it been a bad day lately for you? Or perhaps for you it’s been a bad week, month…decade? Everyone, I mean everyone has circumstances that arise that can catch us off guard or feel overwhelming at times. I’m … Continue reading

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Compassion defined

Compassion according to –noun 1. a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering Something I said in a comment the other day to a … Continue reading

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Run with Prayer :-)

Well, today was the day of my first race of 2011 and my first race since I injured my peroneal tendon. I was so nervous! I arrived at 7:30 to help set up decorations/etc since the race director was a … Continue reading

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My greatest Hero…is actually two

This was technically from 2.2.11, the posting topic was “Who is your greatest hero”. In reality I have 2. My first is my first love: Jesus. Not to be cliché about it, but seriously…He saved me from a demise that … Continue reading

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Sowing Joy

I made a goal this year to commit to spending time in the Word every day this year. One way that I am helping myself do that is reading a devotional: the Morning & Evening Edition of Grace for the … Continue reading

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Reflection: My grandfather’s legacy of audacious faith & the tugging on my heart…

Ever notice how in the box for your Facebook “Status” it asks what’s on your mind? Well…what was on my mind yesterday & remains on my mind is today…and myself…and my precious grandfather’s words. Yesterday was great, I was humbled … Continue reading

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