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Busy: Permission to Slow Down

It’s my son’s senior year. He’s an athlete and his final football season was quite demanding. This is also the year where school decisions are being made, standardized test (ACT) scores are undeniably critical, and senioritis is a real threat. … Continue reading

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Parenting Tip – Shaping Arrows

Parenting is tough! Am I too hard? Am I hard enough? Did I love well enough? Did I balance life enough today? How strict of rules should I set? How much should I explain? The questions that run through our … Continue reading

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I’ll Try Again Tomorrow

Um…yeah…I’ll try again tomorrow… But first, I’m going to be transparent and share a glimpse into my crazy life as a wife-mom-grad-student-employee. -5:15 awake to the husband’s alarm clock and hope that it isn’t time for mine to go off … Continue reading

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Failures succeed, losers quit

Having a teenager is interesting. I’m thrown back into time where I recall the days of major public image concern. Earlier tonight I had a talk with Austin and reminded him he needs to come to a comfort & realization … Continue reading

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Wrong prayers, right heart

I have been praying very hard for my son as he gets older, seeking God in the various places in his life. But I may have been praying the wrong prayers at times even though my heart was in the … Continue reading

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Letting go

Confession is good for the soul. I’ve heard that somewhere, I’m sure you have too. Running, running is good for your body & mind… But when your mind & heart is heavy…even after a good run – confession will hopefully … Continue reading

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Amazing Love – Father’s Day edition

Austin & I once heard a worship song at church that goes like this: “Would you hold me in your arms as I rest on your knee, won’t you tell me my favorite story… I was an orphan and you, … Continue reading

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Audacious Faith Has No Age Minimum

I had a very humbling conversation with my son last night. As I was going in to say good night he told me he had a secret to tell me. Naturally because I’m mom, I’m a woman, or I’m curious…whatever … Continue reading

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Angry Tears

What a day… I learned today that 2 things occurred that my husband and I had been diligently working at preventing. We cannot close on our house because of a roof inspection that we knew was going to be needed…so … Continue reading

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Amazing Love (A Father’s Day blog)

I married an amazing man. I spent many nights in tears and many moments in prayer, and then I met him. I truly believe he is an answer to long awaited prayers…a blessing…a gift. I am living a life I … Continue reading

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