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An unedited, messy thought dump – things guilt

Warning, this is a sloppy thought dump post where I’m just sharing what’s on my mind at this moment. Grammar po-po and the likes, put down your swords—err red pens. ❤ So I leave for a mission trip in a … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block – Inside An Amateur’s Mind

I’m trying to write a blog and I’m experiencing what I assume must be writer’s block. I’m a hobby  blogger. I don’t have some set schedule and just write when the mood hits and I feel like I have something … Continue reading

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I’ll Try Again Tomorrow

Um…yeah…I’ll try again tomorrow… But first, I’m going to be transparent and share a glimpse into my crazy life as a wife-mom-grad-student-employee. -5:15 awake to the husband’s alarm clock and hope that it isn’t time for mine to go off … Continue reading

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Kindness post # 7 – sometimes your greatest gift is time

My post tonight will be brief. I may expound on it a little more later but I just wanted to share that sometimes your greatest gift you can give – the greatest kindness you can show – is time. Giving … Continue reading

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Random thoughts

Most of my posts are deep so here’s something random 🙂 I hate mayo, dishonesty, and being rushed. I love Jesus. Purple is my favorite color but aqua marine would be a close runner up. I love my family & … Continue reading

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Angry tears…to happy tears

So…a few days ago, I poured out my frustrations here and was genuinely overwhelmed. I had my own idea of the perfect way that things should work out & was praying for God to work out MY perfect plan. Isn’t … Continue reading

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Whatever you can’t live without is your god

“I can’t live without ____.” This is a resounding statement my pastor made during our recent sermon series at church. Is there anything in your life aside from God that you can’t live without? “If I can’t have ____, I … Continue reading

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Amazing Love (A Father’s Day blog)

I married an amazing man. I spent many nights in tears and many moments in prayer, and then I met him. I truly believe he is an answer to long awaited prayers…a blessing…a gift. I am living a life I … Continue reading

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Compassion defined

Compassion according to –noun 1. a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering Something I said in a comment the other day to a … Continue reading

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“When I take a girl out on a date…” plans of a 10 yr old boy

The other day I was driving my son home from an errand & he proceeded to tell me about a conversation that went on between him & a few other friends at school that day. They were discussing where they … Continue reading

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