God’s Provision – Flying to Romania

(This is a copy of a post I put on my personal Facebook page in the wee hours of the morning of Tuesday, 2/28/17)


I would like to introduce my friend Andi. Our paths were not originally going to cross, but through a series of connected events she is now snoozing beside me on the plane. And my friend Tinsley doesn’t know it yet, but God had a plan for her to change to a window seat this morning…

You see this morning, I checked into my flight online from home and didn’t see anything indicating my dietary needs. As a precaution I decided to call the airline and was informed that they did not have my gluten free meal noted. Honest mistake. It happens. The rep took care of my return flight however today’s flight meal could not be accommodated. Not to worry, I ate a hearty meal on the way and a snack in the airport and was prepared to eat packaged snack foods for dinner. I feared I might get a little hungry but brushed it off as no big deal since I would be sleeping most of the flight.

My friend Tinsley’s husband had encouraged her to get a window seat so she changed her seat this morning. Tinsley was my original flight neighbor 😳. So when she changed her seat, unbeknownst to her, it meant I was opened up to fly beside a stranger. She was so sweet and apologetic about it and I assured her it was fine, I planned on sleeping and/or reading anyway. I also might’ve told her that it was okay as long as my stranger neighbor doesn’t smell or steal my stuff 😂.

Funny thing is, it was God’s plan of provision all along. My flight mate turned out to be a wonderful woman who is originally from the states and has lived in Germany 40 years. She’s a retired opera singer & teacher! Her husband is a conductor and travels around the world. Andi and I hit it off and enjoyed chatting about our families and life. When she learned I have celiac and I didn’t have a special meal coming she informed me she had a special meal coming and wanted me to have it. She was insistent as she had no dietary restrictions and was simply requesting the healthier option meal to appease her husband. When Andi’s special meal arrived it was steamed fish over peas & carrots, roasted potatoes, fruit, and a salad! As I ate this amazing meal I silently thanked the Lord and marveled at how full I felt when I had expected to be hungry or to eat snacks as my dinner. But God reminded me in that moment that though I expected to be empty, He made sure that I was full.
Even in the smallest details, He cares for my every need. God is so good y’all. So good.

Oh and the icing on the cake?! The meals they served to general passengers turned out to both be gluten. I would not have been able to have eaten either one! And better yet – the meal Andi ate instead is one of her favorites. He blessed her, too! How awesome is my God?!?!

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬

#biggerthanme #ccromania17

Well, it’s after 2 am where I’m headed…better get some sleep now. I just had to share about this sweet little provision from Father! Thank you all for your continued prayers


Update: Later that morning I felt led to let Andi read the post above on my personal Facebook page. She almost cried! I told her it’s okay, I had cried like 3 times in the night thinking about it. Haha! She then proceeded to tell me of how she tried to change her seat multiple times that morning but couldn’t and found it odd. (I told her that was not a coincidence – her seat wasn’t ready yet! :)) She said when she arrived at the ticket counter at the airport she requested a change in seat then and specifically asked for seat 22!! And when they said 22H is available – she said, I’ll take it! That’s her favorite # and her husband’s initial. Wow! On a plane where there were several open seats, some full rows, and multiple double window spots open, she asked for a specific seat knowing she was going to be seated by a stranger. God had a plan!! He always does!

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Singing For Victory While In Chains

“But let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them SING joyful praises forever. Spread your protection over them, that all who love your name may be filled with JOY.”‭‭Psalms‬ ‭5:11‬ ‭NLT‬‬


I was thinking today about the disciples and early believers. How great their faith was. Sure, the Bible shares about their humanity but it also shares some incredible stories of faith and trust! 

To sing praises when you’re shackled to prison walls (Paul & Silas) after enduring undeserved suffering as a result of doing ministry – you have to believe that the God you serve truly is working all things for your good and His glory (Romans 8:28.) How did the early followers of Jesus do it? How could Paul and Silas sing praise when they should feel broken-down? (Acts 16:16-40) 

Paul had seen Jesus. Walked with Him and spent time with Him. Silas was a teacher and leader in the church but that isn’t what made him strong. He had spent time getting to know the true character of the God we serve – His strength came from God. He had a belief and faith that was deeply rooted so when he accompanied Paul on a mission trip to Philippi he was not shaken by the difficult circumstances they encountered. 

Why do we allow things to fill the empty spaces in our day that have no eternal value? What if we made God a priority instead of a convenience or afterthought? What if we spent more time consuming His Word and filling our hearts and minds with songs that proclaim the fame of His great name? What would we be able to accomplish for Him as a result of the fear that would fall off and the faith that would rise up? 

#fearlessworship #relentlessworship #fearintofaith #preachingtomyself #jesusiseverything

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Day 3 in Romania – Boiu and AMEC

Thursday, March 2nd marked our 3rd day in Romania. As mentioned in my Day 2 post I was VERY sick. Like sicker than I had been in years, so much so that I posted my first ever please-pray-for-me-I-think-I’m-dying-middle-of-the-night-post (ha! Well…it’s funny now…wasn’t so much then.) My team had encouraged me to rest today and as mentioned in the middle-of-the-night-post (linked above) I had spent time in prayer and had peace that it was exactly what I was supposed to do. Plus…I was SO weak.

I spent time sleeping, reading the word, listening to music, and praying. Billie was resting too because she was beginning to not feel well. I have prayed hard each night that she would not get sick :(. Poor roomie! That girl can sleep though! I guess anyone could after they’d been kept up each night by their coughing roomie 😐 . I slipped out of the room to go to the common area with my blanket and pillow because the guys in the courtyard were sawing wood for building picnic tables and bookshelves – SO LOUD. Plus..I wanted to study for a bit and since I was awake I was coughing more and didn’t want to wake Billie with my paper rattling and lung-hacking…


Peeking out the window at my noisy companions making pretty things…

There was a point during the day where we were both awake though and I somehow got around to sharing my testimony. She read my notes for my talk I was to share at the conference on Saturday and I shared a lot of detail about my testimony – things I hadn’t planned to share at the conference. Billie affirmed that I definitely needed to share those things. She explained that it would really resonate with some of the people there and not to leave it out – this was clearly one of the reasons we were at AMEC today. I fully believe God wanted to use this time for my good and His glory (Romans 8:28) and while He had me slowed down and had my attention He clarified what I needed to share on Saturday. He also allowed me time to pray for my team as they ministered in Boiu village. Our schedule here was so packed that I would not have had the time to slow my mind and spirit for this conversation and contemplation otherwise. Man – He truly uses all circumstances when we let Him!

During my time in the Word I had spent time reviewing Isaiah 40:21-31 and I was reminded by the Lord that I was there in His strength – not my own. I didn’t have to fear or stress over what was ahead of me and if I would be ready because He is able to sustain me, equip me, and guide me. I just need to be willing and show up. Even if I’m afraid, I just need to show up and have more faith than fear.

Something else I realized is that yet again, God had given me provision for this journey! In the middle of February I had gone to the clinic at work and was diagnosed with mild bronchitis and given meds. I was on the mend however the Wednesday before I was to leave for Romania, I was at work and realizing I was having chronic allergy symptoms again. (TMI warning) I have a deviated septum, a cyst (benign) in my sinus cavity, and I’m allergic to something year round – so…I get sinus infections quickly that can become bacterial and require antibiotic (ugh! I hate taking them.) I have a clinic at work and almost went back to to see them however I really felt strongly I should contact my PCP and see if she would prefer to see me. She wanted me to come in the Friday before I left so she could see how I was and determine if my bronchitis had healed. I was actually doing really well, much better but as a precaution she sent me with a Rx for an antibiotic and steroid pack. God provided me with the medicines I would need before I realized I would need them! And this was great because the 2 pharmacies I had been to in Romania did not even have the OTC medicines I use when my allergies ramp up like diphenhydramine.

Billie and I also took time to organize all of the supplies for upcoming ministry in Romania. We sorted out all of the conference give-a-way items, bagged up the goodies for the men and women at the homeless shelter, prepared items for the women at the rehab facility, etc. With two of us tackling it, we were able to knock it out pretty quick and enjoy each other’s company in the process while the rest of our team was away doing ministry in the village.

Speaking of the team, they were at Boiu village most of the day. When they came home late that night they brought Billie & I some dinner from Super Mamma (kabob pui! yum 🙂 ). We ate our meal and listened to their stories. It was a very different experience, they shared. My friend Marcie shared how she was coloring with some sweet boys and one young one looked so sleepy. He let her pick him up and she was rocking him and the big brother came over and got him and they left. I imagine they are not super trusting of adults, or strangers. It was clear this boy was caring for his little brother. I think they said he was no more than 8…maybe even 6, and his younger brother was around 2/3. I can’t imagine what they experience as Roma children in a village in Romania. I’m so thankful for after-school programs like what Stelli and Christina provide! My team also told me about how Stelli and Christina are translating the bible into the Roma languages! Wow! How incredible is that! Here’s a video about the after-school program (click here.)

Here are some pictures from Boiu courtesy of my super talented friend Addie:

Thanks for reading! I’ll share more about the other days we were blessed to be in Romania soon. Feel free to subscribe or come back soon to check them out.


Blessings & love in Christ,


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Romania – Day 2 (first full day)

Wednesday March 1st was our first full day in Romania. We had our first breakfast at AMEC and headed out to get our day started. Our agenda while here is very full but our first morning was spent doing a walking tour of Sibiu. Our guide was Eugene, that was not his real name but he said it was easier if we just called him that. He was so funny and knowledgeable. He shared some incredible history with us regarding Sibiu, the churches, the buildings, the walls, etc. This was a very interesting way to begin our day.

We also went to the exchange for the first time. There are exchanges all over the city. There are lots of folks that work outside of Romania and come home so it’s a convenient way for them to exchange their money. There are travelers as well so this is also a convenience for folks like us that need to obtain Romanian currency. Lucky for us the exchange rate was in our favor however we were cautioned to exchange only what we need as we would not be exchanging back to American currency.

Michael had a surprise for us today – it’s a special holiday! Mărțișor (or Martie in Romanian)! It was fun to walk through the city and see all the people set up to sell pretty things in honor of the holiday. This is a special holiday on March 1st where they are celebrating the arrival of Spring. In celebration of Mărțișor (Martie) you will see red and white strings attached to everything. I read online that the belief is that the person who is wearing this will have a prosperous and healthy year. The ancient Roman new year used to begin on 3/1. The tradition is that the men give the women in their lives gifts with the red and white strings/colors as a semblance of admiration, friendship, and or respect (source: click here).  Eugene told us of his area’s tradition where the women give to the men something they have made by hand. Here’s a video of Eugene sharing with us: (link here)

In this brief couple of hours we saw so much of the city and learned of some amazing details. It was a lot of fun to spend time with Michael & his family in this way. His girls’ personalities were coming out and it was fun to get to know them. We also enjoyed the company of a couple of girls from the church that were there to help translate for us as needed. They were so sweet and friendly! This was a neat way to start connecting with others and learn amazing history about Sibiu. There are too many things to recount but since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are a few thousand words from our first morning in Sibiu:


Later that day we had the opportunity to spend more time with Marcel and run through all of our songs. It was becoming very evident at this point that I was getting sicker. I started losing my voice toward the end of What a Beautiful Name – glad I saved the tracks until the end! We finished up practice and then hung out until the ladies began arriving for our ladies fellowship. We spent time eating pizza (or a sandwich on gluten free bread in my case 🙂 ) together and then we gathered in a circle to do introductions and sharing. The Americans went around and introduced ourselves and shared what we do, a little about our families, and if it was our first or 2nd time in Romania. When we got to the Romanian women they also shared casual introductions but they had a paper they were answering questions from and one of the questions was about prayer needs. Some of the women really opened up and shared true prayer needs. It was powerful.

Pray for my husband. Pray for my marriage. Pray that I may know the Lord more. Pray I grow closer to God and grow in my faith. Pray that I am able to buy a home. Pray that I can find a job. Pray that I am healed.

Big prayers – true needs.

It was beautiful.

I was trying to capture the needs on my notes in my phone as fast as they were translating. And then Amie had us paired up with different women with different needs after we prayed for those in need of healing. It was a beautiful time of prayer and fellowship. God was already knitting our hearts together and we’d barely been in the country over 24 hours.

Oh and an incredibly awesome thing that happened tonight – the lady that asked us to pray that her husband would come to know Jesus – well he came later that night and one of our team members led him through the prayer of salvation!! How cool is that? We had just prayed for that very thing earlier in the evening and then it came to pass. What a blessing!

It was late when we gathered back at the AMEC center to debrief and Amie asked me how I was feeling and I totally broke down. I’m talking full-on ugly cry. I was exhausted and SO SICK. My body was so achy and weak. I was so angry – I did not come all this way on faith and prayers to sit in a room sick and broke down – but why hadn’t God miraculously healed me yet? Was I failing Him by giving in and admitting my weakened state? My 9 American sisters gathered around me and prayed over me. The prayers they prayed were as though they had opened up my heart and looked inside – their words matched my fears and my longings. Ugly cry got uglier. I officially could no longer breathe through my nose I had cried so hard but I needed to exhale all of that emotion and weakness. As it turns out, I was totally meant to stay back at AMEC the next day – God had a plan, I just didn’t understand it yet.  (I’ll save the details of that next day for another blog entry.) In the middle of the night, I found myself still weak and sad at my situation so I reached out through my blog for prayers and I know you prayed for me. Thank you my beloved friends and loved ones, and strangers that stumbled upon my weary pleas. I felt your prayers and God certainly met me in my need. He’s good like that. He’ll send you to do His work, remind you that you are there in His strength, allow life to slow you as He desires, and meet your needs as you go to meet those of others. He’s beyond our comprehension and I’m still so grateful to have been a part of this grand plan that was our mission trip to Romania…

More to come…

With love in Christ,


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Romania – sickness and faith 

Anyone else need healing tonight? I’m the sickest I can remember being in a long time with what must be some sort of intense bronchitis and my lungs feel as though they are on fire and exploding from within with each cough. We have loads of people praying for our team and I’m so grateful. Prayer is powerful! God still heals. His method is not predictable but His purpose is still in all things and circumstances.

Some of my Romanian medicines

I rejoice in the One that makes me well. Even when my eyes can’t see the healing yet, I know it’s coming. And I know it is still well with me because I am His. The waves and wind still know His name. The storm in my body that has attempted to come against His work in and through me will not prevail. My victory is in Him and I will seek His purpose and face as I wait for healing. In prayer just now He spoke to me through this scripture:

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? Has it not been told you from the beginning? Have you not understood since the earth was founded? He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in. He brings princes to naught and reduces the rulers of this world to nothing. No sooner are they planted, no sooner are they sown, no sooner do they take root in the ground, than he blows on them and they wither, and a whirlwind sweeps them away like chaff. “To whom will you compare me? Or who is my equal?” says the Holy One. Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one and calls forth each of them by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing. Why do you complain, Jacob? Why do you say, Israel, “My way is hidden from the LORD; my cause is disregarded by my God”? Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. HE gives STRENGTH to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who HOPE in the LORD will renew their strength. They WILL soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭40:21-31‬ ‭NIV‬‬


And the songs in my heart as I seek Him in the stillness and prepare to try to rest again are:

-Here, Kari Jobe

-It Is Well, Bethel/DiMarco

-Jesus We Love You/Bethel

-Give Me Faith/Elevation

-Yes & Amen, Housefires

There’s more to share about God’s provision even in this story and I’ll be sure to share those details soon. For now I must rest, I’m certain He’s calling me to it and I’m asking that He allow me to breathe well enough to sleep.

God is still good. He’s still good to me and He’s still the King of this world, the Creator, and my Healer. I worship Him in this broken state because I know that all things work for the good and His glory. (Rom 8:28) I rejoice in the miracles we’ve witnessed while here in Romania and for those that are yet to be seen in the coming days. My God will supply my every need according to His riches in Christ Jesus. I declare and believe He will still accomplish all He has planned and my healing is coming. I have two friends on this trip that are battling some allergy/sinus sounding stuff. I’ve prayed over their bodies and healing again just now from my bed as well as a hedge of protection over my other teammates that they remain healthy and strong as they continue to carry out God’s plans here. If you feel so inclined, please pray that all we spread is love and joy and passion for Jesus – not germs 🤒. And that we are all physically well again soon for those of whom are battling these physical attacks.

With great love and gratitude in Christ,


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Romania – Night 1

Romania – night 1

Our sweet treats after a delicious, home cooked Romanian meal

We arrived safely in Romania on schedule it’s strange to know we had left our church about 24 hours earlier to begin the journey. I had been up since 4:30 am Monday which means I hadn’t really slept in over 30 hours. Our flights went well, we only had to go through airport security in Atlanta, and the turbulence we experienced on each flight wasn’t too bad at all. I realized by the third flight I hadn’t been scared or worried at all just yet, but that third flight (Munich to Romania) was busting at the seems of that smaller plane – so full. Something about feeling like a tube of sardines makes you wanna remind Jesus that you’re on the plane out of obedience and that you trust Him with your life, but it’d be super cool that this isn’t how it goes down. 😬😏😉😂

Amie & I rejoicing we have landed in Romania!!

Upon arriving at the airport we were greeted by the Gravitt family & Marcel from the church. (Michael, Mihaela, Hannah, & Bianca). They were so welcoming! Michael brought us snacks and bottled water- I even got gluten free cookies!!

My bed

The view from mine & Billie’s room

Our home while here in Sibiu

We got settled quickly into our rooms at AMEC and went to the church for dinner and a meet and greet with some of the members. Michael made us an awesome feast that I can’t remember the Romanian name for but here’s a picture:

And I even got gluten free bread!?!?!?!

I ate 2 plates full & 3 slices of bread. So good!! I spent the night chatting to anyone that would engage me in conversation. It was awesome to be sitting with them, breaking bread, and experiencing fellowship. I can’t believe we are here! I’m sure I’m butchering names, but here’s a try:

Sam and Judy are from the states but are currently living here and helping. Super friendly folks that used to do part time missions but are now planted right here in Sibiu. Judy shared with me about how refreshing and encouraging it is when a team comes over like us. So humbling!

Bianca & Hannah (the Gravitt sisters) were my buddies for the night. Telling me about what I’m eating and laughing along with me about silly things. Sweet girls. 🙂

Flavius & Adina (ah-deen-uh) are a married couple. Adina’s parents make beautiful pottery and that’s how they make their living. From the pictures she showed me, they are so talented! I hope somehow I can buy some to bring home and remember her with and to bless her family.

Marcel is pronounced mahr-chel with a trilled r. He’s a musician in the church and drove us over in a big bus. Super nice guy and I hear he’s super talented! Recently married and some of my friends met him here about 6 years ago so he’s been connected with Michael and the church for a while now. I think we get to meet his wife tomorrow. Yay!

I also met Adrian (ay dree ahn). He’s married (Elaina?) and has a daughter (Sarah) that will turn three in 6 days! I hope to meet them this week. He was very friendly also. We showed each other pictures of our families and I learned a little more about his story. He’s from Romania, born and raised here. He explained that work doesn’t pay a lot here. For example he might make 300.00 a month but then their rent is 200.00 and that only leaves 100 for groceries and fuel and bills and so on. He talked about how you can’t live sustainably that way. For this reason he and his wife moved to Spain for 7 years to live frugally and put money away. In so doing they were able to return to Romania and build a house that they own. No mortgage!! Now they can live and work here without most of their money being consumed for their living space. Adrian also showed me a video of some boys playing a game that seemed like the wii game Just Dance based on their smooth moves 😉. He shared with me that their mom welcomes the help of others. I think he said there were 6 kids all under her “roof”. He said they are very poor. He brought these 2 to his house to play and eat. He had to cut their hair very short when he invited them in he said because “well, you know why. I had to protect my wife and daughter with their long hair, me not so much” as he rubbed his head of very short hair. I understood. He plans to get the other kids over soon for a visit as well. Such generous hospitality and kindness. Taking what God has richly blessed him with and opening it up to love on others. Can we all be more like Adrian? Who is very much living generously for the honor of Jesus? I asked if the children lived in the city or in a village nearby and he said “no, not really, it’s nowhere.” It’s not really in the city but not really in a village. He shared with me how the boys’ home does not have electricity and is not really a house. It’s a shack pieced together with whatever metal scraps and such they can obtain. Dirt floors. Tiny. And he tried to find delicate words to explain their mom’s work, which I understood to be that she sells herself 😭. He said he thinks we will get to visit the children while we are here.

As I continued my conversation with Marcel, Adrian, & Hannah they commented about how smiley I am. I just explained I’m a happy person, haha! Thankful the joy of the Lord was still rising up despite my tired, sleepless state.

I also chatted with Maria. She goes by Boda. She’s so funny and spunky!! 😂 I look forward to getting to know her more. And Chipi and the others!

Well, I need to try to sleep again. It’s 3:45 am and I’m getting up at 6:30 to start my day. If you would, please pray for our team. For health, unity, and that we remain in tune with the Holy Spirit’s direction. We are here for whatever Jesus wants – and that is our desire. Please pray specifically for me. My lungs are burning and it feels like something breaks off the inside of them when I cough deep. This began around our 3rd flight here. I’m supposed to lead worship quite a bit here and I have songs bursting from within!

Okay, I must sleep. If you’ve read this long, thanks for reading my 4 am, grateful thoughts from my first few hours here. ❤
Love in Christ dear friends,


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An unedited, messy thought dump – things guilt

Warning, this is a sloppy thought dump post where I’m just sharing what’s on my mind at this moment. Grammar po-po and the likes, put down your swords—err red pens. ❤

So I leave for a mission trip in a couple of days… And I’m going from being on cloud 9 to having a really hard time with an intensity that causes me to exude crazy joy and utter grumpiness within seconds of each other. I’m so excited to be going into another place in the world to spread the good news and to love people for the name sake of Jesus Christ! But then there’s a part of me that it’s hard to leave home because I love my family… Speaking of my family – my husband is a worker! He loves to have projects going on to keep him active. I love to see what his creative mind dreams up! And since I’ll be gone for 11 days he’s starting some things to occupy his time. 

His blank canvas

As I prepare to leave the country there are lots of meetings, lots of loose ends to tie up at work and at home in order for me to be gone for almost 2 weeks. As I mentioned, my husband has initiated this renovation project in our hall bath. It’s amazing and it’s something we wanted to do since we bought the house a year ago! I am excited but I have to confess I was a little stressed whenever he said that he was going to start it three days before I leave town. 

Renovation Yard Decor

At first I think I was stressed just because there’s so much already going on and that was just one more thing going on around me but then I realize it’s not really that. 

Not at all. 

The actual issue is that I struggle with feeling ashamed that we are doing a renovation project in my home when I’m about to go and serve some people that their whole entire “house” is the size of my master bathroom. If they even have a home. 😭 We have lived in this new house for a year now and there have been times that I didn’t invite people over because I was ashamed at how pretty and nice and large my house is. What the heck is that? Why do I feel shame for things that I have? 

I come from humble roots and I remember times being so poor that I didn’t know how I was going to eat that day but thankfully I had a program call WIC to provide food to my baby. I didn’t know how I was going to keep my water and electric on and I was desperate just to hold onto the car & the trailer rental that I was barely able to afford. But even on my poorest day – I was still richer than many of the people that I’m going to encounter while I’m in this other country. I’m so overwhelmed with joy & gratitude to go and show them love and serve but also so confused at why I can have such nice things and live in such an amazing country and they can’t/don’t get that opportunity. 

How do I come home to such a nice home and such nice things after facing such poverty? I’m in tears as I write this and I think about the battle that I am already having and then I’m anticipating it as I come home. I genuinely mean this – if God were to tell my husband that he wanted us to move to another country and be missionaries and Justin approached me, I would say a resounding YES! But for whatever reason He’s called us here to the states to live here and has called me to the marketplace to work in corporate America and the serve Him there. And call it blessings, hard work, both or either/or – I’ve worked my tail off to get my graduate level degree and to build my career and Justin has worked hard too and now we make good money. And I feel shame when I have nice things resulting from the fruit of our labor – what is that?

Does anyone else ever struggle with guilt for having nice things? I feel as though we are generous people. We give to ministry, tithe, share with others. But I still feel guilt over my nice car and home and such. God help me to see whatever lesson is here and to move beyond my guilt for my possessions and to focus solely on being present and loving the ones in front of me. Help me to use what I have to invite people in rather than hide it because I’m ashamed that it seems too nice. Help me to love deep and well and get beyond this battle in my mind. 

I’m thankful for you Father. I’m thankful you love me in my broken, messy self. So thankful. I will choose to praise You still, not because of what I have or don’t have. Not because of what I am or am not but because of Who You are. 
In the beautiful words of Ann Voskamp:

“so, the deal is? We aren’t about to let anything steal our thanks today.

We aren’t letting hard times steal our thanks,

We aren’t letting hard sells steal our thanks,

We aren’t letting hard knocks steal our thankfulness.

Because all of us folks down in the trenches know it:

If you let something steal your thanksgiving?

You let something steal your joy,

And if you let something steal your joy?

You let something steal your *strength.*

So in the midst of our Big Things, our Ugly Things, our Hard Things, in the midst of All Things,

We give thanks to God — not because of how we feel but simply because of Who. He. Is.

We’re on it, O Beautiful Lord & Giver of All —

The one thing we must pray to be great at is thanksgiving — because it’s the one thing that makes God great in our lives. “

#TheBrokenWay http://bit.ly/PickUpTheBrokenWay

[ print it out for free here: bit.ly/StickyNotesForYourSoul ]

❤ in Christ,


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