We were under attack

One of the craziest parts of our trip was how it seemed EVERY TIME someone was supposed to be used in some sort of main ministry they would be under physical attack: headaches, stomach bug, respiratory infections, etc.

I recall getting sick the day before we left. Mande had been sick a week before and then got super sick the day after we arrived there. Casey and I both battled respiratory/throat ailments which was huge since we were there to lead worship. Lauren got a migraine the day she was set to give her testimony, Jon was sick on a day he was supposed to teach at the conference. Even Arnida (the worship leader at Hervin’s church) was sick one night that she was supposed to help lead worship. The list goes on… But to God be the glory, we all pushed through and God helped us continue on with His vision and mission while we were there. God healed some through prayer and some of us He allowed us to press on in spite of the ailments and in so doing we were encouraged in our faith that He provides the ability and that we were definitely there for a purpose or there wouldn’t be such an attack on our bodies at such strategic times trying to deter us. God is good and He never ceases to amaze me!

I’d like to express gratitude to everyone who prayed for us, we certainly felt your prayers and needed them for just as the scripture says the weapons of our warfare are not carnal (2 Cor 10:4)- so thank you for going into battle for us through prayer – faleminderit!!

Keep checking back, I’ll be sharing more from the trip and more thoughts from my crazy little mind 🙂

Love in Christ,

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