Kindness post #4: Practical ideas of spreading kindness

So…I’ve spent the last few days talking about big deal stuff! Huge things that have lasting impacts. I hope that at least one person has been inspired to give or move on behalf of the needing and broken. I would LOVE to see this campaign become a ripple effect. That people begin to look at their day and the people in front of them in a new way. That people would not be so focused on self, as is our society’s custom – but instead to focus on others. Even the smallest act makes a huge difference!


The last few days I have done several things that have been small but I consider to still be significant. A few of those items are:

1. Prepared a handmade gift for a friend to accompany my already planned gift. I even picked colors that had sentimental value to her šŸ™‚
2. Served at a friend’s wedding dinner.
3. Let my crazy teenager have a friend over for the whole weekend. (great kids…so this one was easy :))
4. Designed/Ordered a unique customized graduation announcement for my lovely niece who is graduating this year! She’s SO going to love them!!
5. Prayed with a dear friend on the spot – it seems so small but it means so much when you pray DURING their need… Broke my heart to see her hurting, but it blessed me and was so humbling to have the opportunity to hold her in her weeping, lifting her up to the Father for comfort…
6. Have tried to work really hard at encouraging awareness of this campaign and have special topics planned to support the causes (i.e. adoptions, orphans, and more to come!) The more people hear, hopefully the more will be inspired to join in!
7. Making coffee for the folks on my floor at work, even when I am not drinking it.
8. TRYING (key word trying) to be a more thoughtful and patient driver. This one is still up for debate :-/
9. Made an extra effort to try to be aware for opportunities where I can help others…and then trying my best to dive on those opportunities, even when it means I am out of my comfort zone. Like today when I helped a confused person at work who was dismayed when he learned the person he hoped to discuss a matter with was out of the office for the rest of the week. He was very happy after I helped him, and I only helped a little! It’s the little things, I swear! šŸ™‚
10. Took my dog for a walk. This is a big deal because we usually just let him roam around in the back yard where he has lots of area to be free but he really loves going for walks and smelling different territory. So, even my dog Cole is enjoying being a recipient of kindness šŸ™‚

Who could say no to this face? Seriously? Who-could-say-no?

Who could say no to this face? Seriously? Who-could-say-no?

BONUS: I made an extra effort to smile at everyone I passed at work. I’m pretty smiley…so this one was kind of easy too šŸ™‚

These are just a few ideas I am sharing that will hopefully spark ideas in your own mind of how you can bless others in a simple, yet significant way!

I challenge you the rest of the week to consciously think about at least ONE thing you can do to be kind to someone. Anyone. Anything. Just do something. šŸ™‚


Faith in action. Love expressed through kindness.

In Christ,

PS – I would be so honored if you would share as a status post, comment on my post or blog about your acts of kindness. You can even use the hashtag #thirtythreegifts.

God bless you as you open your heart for opportunities to share His love in practical ways!

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