Hospitality Is Not About The House

(Hi! First time reading the blog? This is installment 5 of a series…if you feel a little lost, scroll back up and click here to go to the first installment so you can read them in order. You’ve kind of missed some things 😊)

To Everyone – I wrote this on 8/9…just now getting around to proofing and publishing it. Because: LIFE.

In this season of saying yes and selling my beloved home, I’ve learned a few things.

  1. We stockpile way too much junk. And it is really freeing to purge said junk.
  2. Spending time in the Word and in prayer and worship more than I watch television has helped my ability to discern God’s voice significantly
  3. Hospitality has nothing to do with my house

About # 3….someone mentioned to me the origin of the word, so I decided to look it up and contemplate it further… If you didn’t know, the root word for hospitality is hospital.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word hospital? Illness.

Why does someone typically go to a hospital? To receive treatment, care, surgery. To get help because something appears broken or “off.”

Is it the building that administers the care and aids in their healing? No.

It’s the people. The building cannot provide care without the people. It is only a structure. A dwelling. The people within it utilize the resources to care for those that have sought comfort within.

And so it hits me again: hospitality has nothing to do with the house.

I am trying to be open to what God is doing in my life and in this season. There have been a lot of unknowns and I’ve just tried to not get wrapped up in my fear that I wouldn’t have a place that I could call fully mine when we move out of the place I currently call home. And I’ve tried to not be consumed with feeling like I needed to search constantly to find the house God has for us. Reminding my mind and heart that I will be grateful no matter where He sends me/us. All the while, still being focused on the unknowns I was experiencing when it comes to the ladies gathering I’ll be starting in September…

And several days ago, when I originally wrote this (Thursday 8/9), I had a beautiful reminder from Him when He told me: it’s not about the house. All He wants is for us to open our hearts and our doors. For so long I didn’t host many things because I allowed my life to remain too busy. But also, when I did host things I struggled with major anxiety of people judging me because my house was so nice. I actually felt this weird level of shame because I lived in such a nice home. (It’s weird, I know.) God in His infinite grace and gentleness with my heart continues to patiently help me heal from human-fear to a desire for more of what He wants to do in and through me. And as I think about hospitality, He continues to bring to my mind and heart so many remembrances of friends that model hospitality naturally and didn’t allow non-perfect situations to stop them.

Home under renovation construction? No problem. Parking situation minimal? That’s okay, too. Live in an apartment? No biggie.

House not perfect? The hurting and broken don’t care. In fact, it’s nice to see others are human, too.

Ladies!! Let’s stop letting impossible standards of perfection stop us from being the hands and feet of Jesus. Let’s open up our homes, put some simple food on the table and invite people in. It doesn’t need to be perfect. In the great words of my dear friend Melodie: Don’t over think it. Just open the door.

Love in Christ,


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