EMHE – Extreme Makeover, Heart Edition

Last night I had the opportunity to go to the build site where there is a local family that is receiving a home via Extreme Makeover Home Edition (EMHE). I had a VIP badge that was to bring special privileges, we were going to get hard hats & t-shirts & check out something that would likely never be in our area again… The night didn’t go as planned at all (probably because our plans weren’t really planned out). We walked over to the build site after parking at Lake Winnie and found ourselves in a small fenced in area along with the rest of the general population of spectators.

I was quite frustrated…we didn’t really see anything because of all of the people and I was frustrated because I had “VIP” tags and yet was nowhere near the VIP area… We left shortly after because of the confusion and on our way out we heard from our precious friend that had given us the passes, telling us what to do however, we were already on our way out, and so we just went ahead & left (this had a lot to do with the our date-night time slipping away too though ๐Ÿ™‚ – our son was at the church for our Parent’s night out)… I was instantly a bad mood when we left though, sulky over not getting to enjoy the VIP treatment I thought I was going to receive & then I realized something… God really opened my eyes… I was being very, very selfish.

I was so worried about what “I” was going to get out of the evening & about how “I” wanted this “experience” so that “I” could tell people about “my” “experience” that I was losing sight of everything wonderful around me. This show coming to our area is for the benefit of the precious family selected. It’s also about encouraging a community to come together & give. Give of time & resources to help bless someone else & it isn’t just about the tv cameras being there either…it’s about cultivating a spirit of giving & service…self sacrifice… a spirit of love. I was able to witness that… and that was amazing.

Also very, very important is that I needed to remind myself that “I” had the evening free to do anything I wanted to do…& to share it *with my husband*. So I reminded myself it isn’t about doing something that I want to do at his expense (he hates crowds & chaotic situations, and the area of the build site where the spectators were was quite crazy) yet I was so wrapped up with getting to have my experience that I was losing sight of the beautiful, wonderful fact that my husband was with me. **With ME**. If you have never experienced deployment as a military spouse then you likely can’t comprehend how wonderful that statement is…how precious the reality is that I am **WITH** my husband.

So with my fresh revelation & refocused priorities I prayed & asked God to help me get over my selfish ways and to be considerate of my wonderful husband & to enjoy our evening. As this took place, I had the privilege to take sweet joy in the reality that I had an evening to enjoy my time with my family. I still think I could have handled it better but I am thankful for the revelation into my heart that God gave me & that every day HE is giving me a makeover…and I want mine to be extreme ๐Ÿ™‚ May I never lose sight of how wonderful my family is. They are my gift from the Lord and I want to enjoy what they want to enjoy… I want to be giving enough that they can receive joy because I gave of myself, in love to them. As I said to my husband last night, I am happy that I am with him & I don’t care what we do, just as long as we are together…

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2 Responses to EMHE – Extreme Makeover, Heart Edition

  1. Elizabeth says:

    So sweet, Amy ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. grace says:

    aaaawww! I love you Amy, I learned something from reading your post! I am that way at times…just me, me, me!


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