Rough day?

 Has it been a bad day lately for you? Or perhaps for you it’s been a bad week, month…decade? Everyone, I mean everyone has circumstances that arise that can catch us off guard or feel overwhelming at times. I’m a firm believer that what we do with these occurrences is what determines the outcome.

I often will hear or read where someone is just overwhelmed and feels like they have hit rock bottom, they are at the end of their rope, their luck is run out…you get the picture. They are spent. They are a dried up well with nothing left. I have this strong pull on my heart to tell you tonight that if you are hurting and these statements I am typing are hitting home with you – you are not alone. GOD is FOR you!

Please remember that when you are broken and feeling drained or alone, that your sweet, loving Father is with you, and has a readily awaiting listening ear. Whenever I have something bad happen, I try to remind myself to give it to Him. When I’m overwhelmed I take a moment & pray and tell Him I need Him to help me & guide me. If I hear of a friend that is overwhelmed I try to always take a moment & pray on their behalf and ask for the Lord to comfort them and hold them, that they would be reminded that He is there for them… Friends are great to talk to but there is no replacement for the sweet counsel of the Lord.

Whatever you are facing, I know there are many of you out there b/c of our conversations & your status posts – please be reminded that the Creator of the universe cares about you. You are his treasured creation and He longs for relationship with you. Spend time with Him sharing the cares of your heart – He cares for you.

Great song & reminder that He is for us:

Love in Christ – Amy

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