It’s Never Too Late!

Last year I posted this blog:

It was a reflection of the day I didn’t get to run my first half marathon. God still blessed me in it in so many ways & made that day & that whole experience a blessing & lesson all along the way. Well… today I (with the help of my precious husband & friends) finally did it! I finally ran my first half marathon! To God be the glory, I finally did it! Thank you Jesus!

I was so excited about the race & was feeling great for most of it! I didn’t have to stop & stretch my IT band until mile 6 so that was a blessing… by mile 11 I had hit “the wall” though :/ If my husband hadn’t been out there with me, I probably would have walked the last 2 miles. My knee was “ok” but what was fighting me was mental/physical. I was spent! When I came around the bend & saw my friends again & the finish line I almost started sobbing because I was so happy! To have wanted something for so long & work so hard at it & to finally accomplish it (in spite of past set backs)… it is an amazing feeling. So thankful for God’s grace, blessings, and kindness He has placed in/on my life. It’s never too late to set a goal & accomplish it. No matter how long it takes!

Albums from today courtesy of my sweet friends Grace & Sharon!!/media/set/?set=a.10150625533763374.403597.836478373&type=3

Thank you to all of my friends for your encouragement today! Special thanks to the Cramers, Sharon, & Grace for your signs, cheers, and friendship!

And all my love to my precious husband for being strong for me & encouraging me when I didn’t think I had any strength left to keep running. Love you!

Almost there!

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