Battlefield Half Marathon – Giving Thanks

Warning: this may contain a little TMI :).

Today was race day. Weeks have been spent leading up to this day. Weeks. Many Saturdays we didn’t sleep in. During the week we had training runs after work that were sometimes quite inconvenient but we persevered. A couple of months ago I was so sick that I was in and out of the ER, we’ve struggled with ailments and minor injuries, pains and aches, fatigue…the list goes on but we pushed through and race day had finally arrived!

This morning I was pretty tired. But I got out of bed a little after 5 AM and started getting ready to leave for the race. I’ve battled congestion and fatigue the last few days so I wasn’t surprised when I woke up feeling yuck. I ended up throwing up twice this morning due to the congestion, and not anxiety. My tummy got upset even more, I forgot my chapstick, blah blah. Little things that can go wrong. I had prepared an outfit for a 45 degree race that ended up being in the low 30’s…(which is QUITE the difference :)). What I am getting at is that this morning there were lots of little things that kept going wrong and trying to frustrate me and succeeded for a short time, but I kept pushing through.

Early in the run, when I was questioning what the crap I was thinking signing up for one of these again I thought of my sweet beautiful nephew Alex and my grandpa “Big Bill” – I prayed and thanked Jesus that I have a heavenly Father that loves me enough to be with me everywhere I go. That He gives me strength to pursue crazy things like the race today. So, I took some advice from a good friend and dedicated those miles to those 2 wonderful people that I miss so much that left this earth way too soon. I thought of them and I spent time praying throughout the entire race. I didn’t run with music so I could do just this: dedicate the miles to them and spend my wandering thoughts in prayer with the One who gives me the breath in my lungs – the very cold breath in my lungs…the 30 degree oxygen that burned my lungs 😉 haha! Seriously, it was a huge encouragement to remain motivated in this way. And I can’t close without saying my husband is amazing. He’s one of the strongest people I know and my biggest supporter and did an amazing job running this race with me today! We ran together the entire race & crossed the finish line side by side. Just as it should be, he’s my best friend, partner, and love.

So, today’s “I’m Thankful” is that despite the mishaps of the morning, not feeling well, struggling with inner doubts – God gave me strength to endure and inspiration to dedicate the miles and an amazing friend to accompany me on the journey. Not only did we run the whole thing, but we PR’d by over 10 minutes from our last half marathon.



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