Beautiful things: pallet art & dining room transformation

We’ve lived in our home for almost 4 years. I’ve loved it here! However…the scuffed up, dreary olive-flesh walls in my dining room have heckled me for what seems like ages. 

In the beginning we had carpet floors & an old brass lamp:

So my hubby installed hard wood floors right after we bought the house…  

(Ignore the tools 😊)

Our square pub table had also proven awkward since it only seats four and we are a family of three. This means if more than one person is over for dinner, someone is standing…   

 As you can see, it cleans up nicely with the right accessories. This was before the scuffs & stains… 

And, finally, between quarters of grad school I decided to tackle “the room.”

First, we chose a larger table and paint. Here’s a contrast of the first coat of new, cheery, butter yellow paint going up 🌞   


After spending hours painting, the new room looks great!  
Next, I’m making something beautiful out of pallet wood! We have a bare wall that is begging for something unique to fill it… 

I bought a cute metal art piece from Ross that matches the large painting you see above. Here’s a close up of them together: Then, my awesome husband carefully broke down the pallet and I decided how I wanted the boards to lay:  

Here’s a sneak peek of what I’m going for (pre-stain) 
 We first cut one piece in half to use as a brace & used a nail gun to secure it:   

  Ready for the metal braces to even the boards out ☺️


 Here’s what I bought for the braces: And here we are applying them:    I finished the rest: (yay power tools!) 

 Ready to stain! Cole the miniature schnauzer approves:  

Now, time to make it pretty! Here’s the stain I chose: 

Makes the free, rough pallet wood look awesome, eh?! 

After allowing the stain to dry we placed a mounting kit on the back:  


Then we attached the metal art piece onto the front & viola – it’s beautiful!



Special thanks to my husband for his help.

A few more accents were added:

Table is set & the dining room transformation is complete! πŸ’› 



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